Join the Fun!

Please read the following guidelines and then click here to download the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM.

General Guidelines for Club Participation

Proof of vaccination is required for membership. Bordetella shots are requested.

Members must be prepared to work with their own dogs knowledgeably. Any member may offer guidance, but is not responsible for training. There are no instructors — we all help each other.

Basic sit, down and stay commands must be normally reliable before you and your dog can join in practice sessions.

Collars: In AKC competition, dogs must be shown in a flat buckle collar, snap collar, or a properly fitted limited-slip collar. For the purpose of practice and training, prong collars may be used without cruelty to dogs.

Leashes: All dogs must be kept on a 6' or shorter lead except during certain practice exercises. No flexi leads are allowed. Owners must remain in control of their dog at all times or have the dog crated. If your dog tends to be a jumper or snappy when leashed, please maintain a respectful distance from other dogs.

Aggressive dogs are not welcome.

Some of the equipment is privately owned and should be respected.

Volunteering is always welcome, such as setting up and taking down the equipment.

Times and location for practice sessions are subject to change. Notification will be made be email only, and while every attempt to do so will be made, charter members are not responsible for failure to notify new times and places or cancellations.

Everyone must clean up after his own dog and come prepared to do so.

Bring water and treats (if used) for your own dog(s).

Age limit for participation in practice sessions will be 18 or older unless person has prior junior handling experience.

Policy will only be set by Club Board of Directors; however, all written input is welcome from membership at large.

The Club and its Directors are not responsible for any accidents or injuries to person(s) or dog(s). A homeowner's policy is encouraged for all club members to ensure your own liability.